14-16 OCT, GCCEC

Managing Venous Leg Ulcers: new clinical research & implementing evidence based practice

Session outline

Venous leg ulcers (VLUs) account for up to 70% of chronic wounds in the community and are the most common type of chronic wound managed in primary care in Australia. High rates of recurrence can pose a considerable burden on patients and can impact quality of life. In this informative workshop, we will delve into practical strategies for effectively managing and treating VLUs within the context of wound care and compression therapy. Our panel of experts, comprising both product specialists and clinical professionals, will share valuable insights and evidence-based recommendations. 

This workshop will cover venous leg ulcer aetiology, best practices in wound care and the assessment and application of compression therapy. We will explore the latest clinical research on the use of compression wraps in VLU treatment. Learn directly from the study author and engage in discussions about research findings, patient satisfaction optimisation, and practical implications for your clinical practice. 

Participants are expected to be healthcare professionals with a basic understanding of wound healing and wound care prior to attending this workshop. 

Key Topics: 

  • Understanding the aetiology of Venous Leg Ulcers 
  • Evidence-based approaches to Wound Care 
  • Compression Therapy: best practices and challenges 
  • Patient-centered strategies for improved outcomes 
  • Hands-on product demonstrations and application 
  • Q&A with product and clinical specialists 

Join us for this informative session, where you’ll gain valuable insights and practical skills to improve your practice in managing venous leg ulcers. 

Learning outcomes

Understanding the aetiology of Venous Leg Ulcers

  • Participants will gain insights into the underlying causes of venous leg ulcers (VLUs) and learn effective diagnostic approaches to identify and assess VLUs, including measuring ABPI and interpreting the results.

Evidence-based approaches to Wound Care

  • Discover effective methods for wound bed preparation.
  • Understand infection prevention and management and how to select appropriate products to enhance patient outcomes and support antimicrobial stewardship strategies
  • Learn techniques to manage wound exudate.

Compression Therapy: best practices and challenges

  • Understand the role of compression therapy in VLU management, types of compression and product selection

Hands-On Product Demonstrations:

  • Gain practical experience with wound care products and learn how to safely and effectively apply compression wraps.

Participants will leave the workshop equipped with practical skills and knowledge to improve their practice in managing venous leg ulcers.

Target audience

HCPs only, with a basic understanding of wound healing and wound care

  • Allied health
  • Medical practitioners
  • Nursing staff in hospital, community and aged care who manage VLUs and chronic wounds


Presentation timePresentation titleSpeaker name / Moderator 
2 minutes Chairperson introduction: agenda and speakersFelicity Lawson, Australia
20 minutesVLU aetiology, oedema and compression therapy
Measuring ABPI and interpreting the results
Tamara Kreis, Australia
25 minutesType of compression therapy options and product selectionFelicity Lawson, Australia
20 minutesCompression hands on demo in small groups: FarrowWrap applicationDaniel Ammenhauser, Australia
15 minutesLatest clinical research on the use of compression wraps in VLU treatment, including Q&ASpeaker TBC
45 minutesSummary of best practice wound care options for VLU treatment including wound bed preparation, managing infection and managing exudateInger Stenseke Larsson, Sweden
10 minutesWound care hands-on demo in small groups: Sorbact applicationDaniel Ammenhauser, Australia
8 minutesPanel Q&A / CloseAll speakers


Table of Contents


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The Leaky leg: care, coordination, compassion 

Elevating Continuum of Care Practices: From Infection to Healing

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